Dr. George Jong


Dr. George Jong received his Bachelor of Science degree in Neurobiology and Physiology in 2002 from The Honors College at The University of Maryland, College Park. He received his dental degree from The University of Maryland, School of Dentistry in 2008 and completed a general practice residency with a focus on surgery at the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Dr. Jong completed his post-doctoral residency in endodontics at New York University in 2012 where his interest in nerve regeneration led him to co-author two research papers that were published in the Journal of Endodontics.

Dr. Jong was awarded the President’s Scholarship at College Park and received membership to the Gorgas Odontological Honorary Society and the Gamma Pi Delta Prosthodontic Honor Society while at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Jong is a Specialist Member of the American Association of Endodontists, a member of the American Dental Association and the Maryland State Dental Society.


Levin M, Jong G. The Use of CBCT in the Diagnosis and Management of Root Resorption. In: 3D Imaging in Endodontics – A new era in diagnosis and treatment by M Fayad, Springer, 2016.

Wang X, Jong G, Lin LM, Shimizu E. EphB/EphrinB Interaction controls odontogenic/osteogenic differentiation with calcium hydroxide. Journal of Endodontics 2013;39:1256-1260.

Shimizu E, Jong G, Partridge N, Rosenberg PA, Lin LM. Histologic observation of a human immature permanent tooth with irreversible pulpitis after revascularization/regeneration procedure. Journal of Endodontics 2012;38:1293–1297.


“The office is clean, professional, and has the state-of-the-art equipments. The staff is wonderful and the attention to patient comfort was first rate. Dr. Jong is very friendly and attentive. I really appreciate that he explains what he is doing during my treatment. He constantly checks to make sure that I'm still comfortable throughout the procedure. The root canal went very well and I had minimal discomfort. I will recommend this office to anyone in need.”

—Hieu T.

“I was sent to Dr. George Jong as an emergency case. He saw me immediately and cleaned out a very bad infection but noted it was so deep that it would take more treatment before the root canal could be completed. He checked in with me several times and even opened up the office at night the next day when it appeared the antibiotics were not working and the infection was spreading. He is quick, efficient, and very gentle. His staff likewise. I had no pain in the treatment and could relax in the chair knowing I was in good hands. I only wish he was qualified to perform surgery on my shoulder, I'd use him immediately, I have that much confidence in him. And, he never lectured me about waiting so long to get the infection treated! He and his staff are keepers, I highly recommend them.”

—Phyllis A.

“Dr. Jong was amazing! He was extremely friendly, competent, and gentle. He explained everything before and during the procedure.

The office is so modern and state of the art. I watched a dvd while he was working under the microscope and before I knew it, the root canal was done. The best part was the whole procedure was completely painless!
I am so happy Dr. Jong is my endodontist.”

—Sarah N.

“It was great experience. He is very confident and knowledgeable. I didn't have any discomfort during and after my treatment. It was 2-3 years ago. Fast forward to now. My dentist's office took an X -ray last week. I didn't get comment because I didn't see my dentist. But I saw my X-ray of my root canal. It was just the same as if it was just done. Nothing weird showing at all. Hope you will have the same perfect experience with him as I had if you need a root canal.”

—Ying L.

“Dr. Jong is hands down the best that I have ever come across.

When I first went to see Dr. Jong it was because I was in need of 3 root canals on the same side of my mouth. I had just left my previous dentist and was in search of someone that would make me feel comfortable. Dr. Jong listened to all of my concerns and was extremely patient and attentive.

I ended up doing all of my root canals with him and I did not feel any pain at all during any of the procedures. He takes his time and is very thorough. He will continue to review and correct his work until he is completely satisfied so you can be sure that you have received the best treatment.

The office is extremely clean and very organized. He followed up with me after all of my procedures which made me feel like he really cares. If you are in the DMV area I would highly recommend going to him. I am 100% confident in his abilities.”

—Zina A.

“I managed to crack my tooth while enjoying a particularly hard bagel and ignored it. Which ended up with me having to get a root canal on my #15 and my favorite dentist in the whole wide world (Dr. Bonnie Lin) had recommended Dr. Jong. They both were in the same building so why not? I wouldn't need to drive out at all. Dr. Jong is extremely amicable and great to get along with. He fully explained what needed to be done and prescribed antibiotics to quell my infection that had began to start. The procedure itself was relatively pain free and they have films (Planet Earth, it's eight hours long ;)))) ) you can watch whilst getting the root canal. I have terrible gag reflex from both anxiety and things touching the back of my throat. However, with a film to watch and a rubber mat thing placed in the mouth to prevent things touching the throat, it helped reduce it significantly.  His dental assistant was also super nice and I liked her a lot! The cost was also average for the area and makes sense for the quality of care I have received. Overall if I somehow messed up again, I would most certainly come back o Dr. Jong for another root canal.”  

—Karen Y.

“An Exceptional & Professional Experience

Please read this in its entirety and hopefully it will save you some time researching Dr. Jong and Bethesda-Chevy Chase Root Canal Specialists. You won't go wrong choosing this endodontist.

I was on out of town business travel this week in DC when an excruciating toothache flared up in a tooth I had been previously advised might need a root canal. Being out of town, my primary dentist was unable to refer me to anyone in the area. I was extremely concerned about choosing the "wrong" endodontist. I was desperate, and in my extreme discomfort I researched scores of local endodontist practices, and decided on Dr. George Jong of Bethesda-Chevy Chase Root Canal Specialists. It was a chance but one I had to take.

After two days & nights of suffering, I called first thing in the morning and explained my circumstances. They rearranged scheduling to accommodate me with an appointment within several hours. 

As soon as I walked in, I was relieved to see a first rate, spotlessly clean, professional office and was greeted by especially helpful staff.  I was shown to the exam area which had all state of the art equipment, including video TV on the ceiling for the enjoyment of patients.

I was introduced to Dr. Jong who I cannot say enough about. He is one genuinely caring professional with a most calming demeanor who patiently explained everything to me before taking X-rays which were immediately shown to me on a big color screen. 

We went forward with the root canal procedure and although I had only had one performed prior to this, it was as pleasant and painless as I could imagine it could be. Dr. Jong kept updating me throughout the process as he knew I wanted to be. I have to say the video on the ceiling was especially helpful in helping the time pass for me.

Upon completion, Dr. Jong again explained everything to me. In addition to his high level of professionalism, he is an exceptionally nice person. When I left, he provided me with his cell phone # and asked that I please call if I experienced any complications. (I haven't met another doctor who did that).

That evening, thankful for the relief he had provided, I was out to dinner when I received the following text message: "Hi Shane, Dr. Jong here. Just checking to make sure you are doing ok."

That was the icing on the cake for me.

I highly recommend Dr. Jong and his staff if you need professional, caring and pleasant orthodontic care. He takes great pride in his work and it shows. I guess the only down side for me is that I will likely never see him again.

Thank you again Dr. Jong and staff. 

PS: When I returned to the Boston area and had the permanent crown completed by my (very particular) primary dentist, he made it a point to comment on what an exceptional done had been done on the root canal.”


“Best root canal ever. 

And I should know, as this was my third. (Sigh. Why is my mouth a war zone?) First one: not too bad, done by a small Persian man who kept saying, "The root is dead!", but probably worse because I didn't know what was coming. Second one: hell on earth, worst two hours of my life, done by an endodontist who clearly did not understand the first thing about his job and/or how to interact nicely with humans. Third one: was it even a root canal? Or was it a tiny pinch of Novocaine and then an astonishing wait for pain that never actually appeared? (And I'm not just talking about physical pain -- how is it even possible that my bill was so low?) Dr. Jong, I know you admonished me for not flossing enough. But, honestly, I'm almost tempted to ignore you just so I can come back. Almost.”

—Laura J.

“I am an RN and I have a mouth full of root canals by various endodontists over the course of my 50 years. Most recently I had a horrible experience somewhere else. Enter Dr. Jong. He is a thoughtful, clinically outstanding endodontist who is patient-centered. He involved me in decision-making regarding the retreatment of my tooth. Once we decided the best course together, he treated me right there and then - painlessly! My tooth feels so much better, and I am grateful for his skill and compassion. I recommend him without reservation.”

—Daine P.

“Yes, a 5 star review for a root canal.  What else is there to do in Maryland on a nice summer day? :-)  

I was told I might need a root canal months ago - but I definitely didn't want to rush in unnecessarily if it wasn't absolutely needed - and luckily I didn't have the pain that causes most others to need to find someone immediately. I went to 4 other places prior to meeting Dr. Jong and as soon as I met him I felt at ease and knew I was in the right place.  He spent a lot of time with me listening to my history, performed tests and did an x-ray and determined that it definitely had been 'curtains' for my problem tooth with the abscess above it.  When the icy swab placed on surrounding teeth caused immediate sensitivity but that one was basking happily in the cold it couldn't feel, along with the review of the x-ray and my other symptoms - we decided together it was time to schedule the root canal.  Dr. Jong explained all aspects of the upcoming procedure and spent the time to answer any questions I had, putting me completely at ease. 

It ended up taking 2 appointments due to my hidden 4th canal, which they discovered at the first appointment using their amazing cone-beam CT to confirm its existence - but both appointments were pain and problem free.  Dr. Jong was with me every step of the way, explaining things and making sure I was comfortable.  I was very glad the office has the latest technology and even above that - for all of their endodontic procedures, and I truly appreciated how thorough and detailed Dr. Jong was, as I wanted the highest chance possible to not need any sort of revision.  

Dr. Jong accepts a lot of different insurance plans as well - including some of the ones from dental plans dot com - so the lower cost to me was an added bonus.  

I can't say I hope I have a need for additional root canals - but if I do, I will definitely return to see Dr. Jong. I wish they offered other dental services in their office because it was a nice soothing environment and I would go there for every dental need, but it is solely endodontics.  It is their specialty...and it shows.”

—Michelle L.